пятница, 16 августа 2013 г.


Not so long ago the next release of my label, this album was "I am a wolf" and, my friends, it was an anniversary, the tenth release of my label!
So I would like to tell you where it all began.

1. Skuld. Project together with Alexei Glukhov, russian musician, author of a large number of projects, such as Ансамбль Христа Спасителя и Мать Сыра Земля .Release came out in June 2012, edition of 25 copies.

2. Pentadrvg - "Серце атом." Both easy, simple idea, the release was for free and free distribution.

3-5. Dread. Three released on three albums. It has turned cool!
Dread is V.Mengele, Luc Mertz (ZBT) and Natassja Sonja (Svlt). Logo designed by Luc.
DREAD (I) - Solitudecide. Release came out in winter 2013, edition of 10 copies.

DREAD (II) - Пепел.Снег.Ртуть. Release came out in springr 2013, edition of 15 copies.

DREAD (II) - mix. Release came out in springr 2013, edition of 20 copies.

6. AD - bokset. Incredibly hard work! I still have not finished before the end of the circulation. and I do not. I do not like it. Release came out in april 2013, edition of 10 copies. 
Abstinentiadivinorum - Plateau 4.
Name of the project came from the latin word for "renunciation of worldly life in the name of higher knowledge."
Its idea of the project came in connection with the need to translate the essence of the other things that did not fit into the edges of the previous project.
Theme music project - a city as a stone cell, a digital concrete forest, trying to escape from this world, through the substance...
boxset - 8 CD. Tracklist:
CD I - fenamine
CD II - immersion
01.immersion. part I
02.immersion.part II
CD III - everyday life
01.everyday life
02.The fall of the steel star
CD IV - Absence
CD V - Calling
CD VI - psy
01. IV
02. VI
03.Universe at the tip of the needle
01.faceless space
02.ketamine dreams

7. ZBT - Eternal nightare. Release for my friend and musician Luc Mertz (ZBT)! Release came out in may 2013, edition of 36 copies.

8. Cryostasium. Release for my friend Cody. Strange and a little mystic release. Release came out in june 2013, edition of 25 copies on mini cd

9. HEXEN - White album. Minimalistic in witchouse style. Release came out in may 2013, edition of 10 copies.

10. Tjolgtjar - I'm a wolf. Release came out in july 2013, edition of 18 copies.
This release is for my friend Jr Preston. Destructive music, a real southern black metal!Release is made in red with the use of the logo Tjolgtjar. as well as a small envelope securely attached bead.

11. Ultimaratio - Далеко бежит дорога...
Release came out in 25.09.2013, edition of 15 copies.

This release is for my friend Олег from Самара. His project is called Ultimaratio, was founded in 2005. Thanks to Oleg for the opportunity to make this release. He and his label helped grow and develop projects of my brother when he began to write music. A distinctive ambience, Russian. Listen and delve. The album "Far from running road ..." is dedicated to the tragedy of the Russian workers, builders of the railway. It went through several towns and the refinery was broken into plots. Number of construction workers was up to 100,000 people, most of these were prisoners. Building № 503 was "dead dear."